International Mountain Day is everyday!

Hi everyone and welcome to the International Mountain Day is Everyday photo gallery! After the success of our virtual event for International Mountain Day 2020, we decided to keep collecting your mountain stories and to share them here. Throughout the following photos, you will discover stories and places you have never heard of or seen before. Mountains are quite special places. The goal of this photo gallery is to bring stories from across the world, shared by you, to highlight why mountains matter to us, and why we must protect them. If there are mountain stories, species, peoples, history, culture or more you would like to share with us, feel free to send them at

We are very excited to discover what you have to show, say, and to keep doing our best as a community to protect these environments!

Dolomites, Italy


Alberto - "Les montagnes sont la liberté et la maison, dures et douces. Elles nous permettent de donner le meilleur de nous-mêmes et de nous tester dans cet environnement. Elles aident à montrer notre vraie image au monde extérieur."

 Morne Brabant, Mauritius

Yumeela - "They represent freedom to me" 


Tanya -  "December 2018. This was the first camera trap we set as part of our first Persian leopard focused monitoring project in Turkmenistan. The first camera trap set by Aknabat Potaeva, the scientific lead for the Central Kopet Dag Reserve which lies on the border between Turkmenistan and Iran. On this Mountain Day, I would like to celebrate lesser known mountain ranges like the Kopet Dag, one of the most endangered leopard species, the Persian leopard, and the people striving to protect it. Including 7 of them in jail in Iran since 1051 days. We are waiting for you. #anyhopefornature. #anyhopefornature "

Bartle Frere, Queensland, Australia

David - "Sometimes mountains don't need to be very high to be exciting and memorable climbs. Three years ago, I was fortunate to have a day (a very hot and humid day!) with my daughter Freya to climb Bartle Frere (1611 m), the highest peak in Queensland, with great views of the Atherton Tablelands. We were looking for the endangered Bartle Frere skink that lives above 1400 m, and wandered through the rare Eucryphia wilkei cloud forest which only occur on these mountain tops in the wet tropics of northeast Australia. "

Pika Camp, the Yukon, Canada


Freya - «That was last summer. We were up on east peak setting up a weather station with Scott. Over the course of the trip we caught a helicopter once and hiked twice to that point. It was windy and very cold (despite being August) and I was dying but Scott didn’t even have gloves on and we were up there for hours. When you go to Kluane there is not service anywhere and we communicate with base from pika camp with a sat phone. But east peak is in direct line of sight to Haines Junction and I guess they have improved the cell tower since I was up there last cause I was able to video call Tryggvi in Iceland, which was pretty fun! Ummm that white blob is called and igloo and the first one we had in camp blew away in a winter storm so Scott and dad showed up the next season and all their belongings were scattered down the creek. Scott had a camera set up on the camp so he knows to the hour when the igloo blew away (they tied it down better the next year). Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada and the largest rock massif in the world (but I guess you already know that). My big mountain goal is to climb it one day. Pika camp is as old as I am!"

Skaftafell, Islande

Tryggvi - "My old office view. I took a bunch of my friends /colleagues (find them on the picture) on a summer solstice "hike", this photo is taken after midnight that night. The hike ended being so technical that I had lower some of them down with a rope. Still amazed that all of them came out on multiple adventures with me again."

Hallstatt, Autriche

Liz - "This was the first time I ever saw the Alps and instantly fell in love. This is a big part of the reason why I wanted so badly to return to the alps, which I did later in France, Switzerland, and Italy.  [...]"

Cascades du Nord, Washington, USA.

"[...] but we do have our own version of the Alps in Washington, and these mountains are pretty special too. This is from a hike I took in the North Cascades"

Tian-Shan, Kirghizistan

Rahim - "In the mountains you feel freedom. There is a feeling that you are at the top of the world, that you can do anything. This is an invaluable feeling." Photo by Piia Kortsalo

Banff, Canada

Guillaume - "An amazement that no camera can capture"

 "My first trip to the Himalaya"

by Aakash Lamba

Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Mael - " Oman is one of the rare places on Earth where you can walk on the junction between the mantle and the crust." 

Auvergne, France

 Patrick and Gaëtane - "Mountains give us a feeling of happiness, of freedom and connexion with nature. This is a place where you feel so small."

The Young family discovering the pleasure of connecting with nature at the Big Sulfure Outlet, in Guadeloupe.

Alps, France

Emmy - "It's a quite high thing on which I can ski"